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E6A2-CW5C OMRON Rotary Encoder 12 To 24VDC Servo Motor Module

E6A2-CW5C OMRON Rotary Encoder 12 To 24VDC Servo Motor Module

E6A2-CW5C OMRON Rotary Encoder 12 To 24VDC Servo Motor Module
E6A2-CW5C OMRON Rotary Encoder 12 To 24VDC Servo Motor Module E6A2-CW5C OMRON Rotary Encoder 12 To 24VDC Servo Motor Module E6A2-CW5C OMRON Rotary Encoder 12 To 24VDC Servo Motor Module E6A2-CW5C OMRON Rotary Encoder 12 To 24VDC Servo Motor Module E6A2-CW5C OMRON Rotary Encoder 12 To 24VDC Servo Motor Module

Large Image :  E6A2-CW5C OMRON Rotary Encoder 12 To 24VDC Servo Motor Module Get Best Price

Product Details:

Place of Origin: Japan
Brand Name: OMRON
Certification: CE
Model Number: E6A2-CW5C

Payment & Shipping Terms:

Minimum Order Quantity: 1 pc
Price: contact us
Packaging Details: New in original box
Delivery Time: 3-5 work days
Payment Terms: T/T , Paypal
Supply Ability: 10000
Detailed Product Description
Condition: New And Original Product Name: OMRON Rotary Encoder
Package: Original Package Type: Servo Rotary Encoder

Brand: OMRON Model: E6A2-CW5C
Palce Of Origin: Japan Type: Rotary encoder
Resolution: 200P/R Brown: 12 to 24 VDC
Blue: OV Black: OUT A
High Light:

ewing machine servo motor


ac servo motor






E6A2-CW5C 500P/R 0.5M Product related parameter description

E6A2-CW5C OMRON Rotary Encoder 12 To 24VDC Servo Motor Module 0

E6A2-CW5C 500P/R O.5M incremental type, medium 25mm, shaft type

Diameter increment type, medium 25mm, shaft type

Power supply voltage DC5~24V (- 5%~+15%) ripple (p-p) below 5%

Consumption current below 100m

Resolution: 500P/R,

Surge current is about 6A (0.3ms)

Output phase A, B, Z

Output format collector open circuit

Control output absorption current load applied voltage below 35mA and below DC35V

Residual voltage below 0.7V (when absorption current is 35mA)

Response frequency 100kHz

Output phase difference Phase A, Phase B phase difference 90 ± 45 ° (1/4T ± 1/8T)

Output rise and fall time 1 μ Less than s (cable length 0.5m, control output voltage 5V, load resistance 1k Ω)

Starting torque below 1.5N

Inertia moment less than 2x10 * * - 6kgm * * 2

Axle load Axial: 4.9N Radial: 29.4N

Allowable speed 10000r/min

Ambient temperature range Storage: - 30~85 ℃ (no icing required) Use: - 10~70 ℃ (below 90% RH) (no icing required)

Ambient humidity range When using: below 95% RH (but no condensation is required) When storing: below 95% RH (but no condensation is required)

The insulation resistance is grounded due to the capacitor, except

Withstand voltage is due to capacitor grounding, except

Vibration durability: 10~500Hz double amplitude 1.5mm or 100m/s * * 2 2h in X, Y, z directions

Impact durability: 300m/s * * 2, 11ms 3 times in X, Y and z directions

Protection structure IEC: IP50

Connection mode Wire leading out type (wire length: 5D0)

Shell: iron

Material body: aluminum

Plate spring: SUS304

After quality packaging: about 120g

Accessory User Manual



Product Description

The rotary encoder is a device used to measure the speed and realize fast speed regulation with PWM technology. The photoelectric rotary encoder can convert mechanical quantities such as angular displacement and angular velocity of the output shaft into corresponding electrical pulses for digital output (REP) through photoelectric conversion.

It is divided into single output and dual output. The technical parameters mainly include the number of pulses per revolution (tens to thousands), power supply voltage, etc. The single output means that the output of the rotary encoder is a group of pulses, while the dual output rotary encoder outputs two groups of pulses with A/B phase difference of 90 degrees. Through these two groups of pulses, you can not only measure the speed, but also judge the direction of rotation




The E6A2-CW5C 500P/R 0.5M rotary encoder is a speed and displacement sensor integrating opto electromechanical technology.


Precautions during installation:


Do not exert direct impact on the shaft during installation.

Flexible connector shall be used to connect the encoder shaft with the machine. Do not force the connector onto the shaft. Even if the connector is used, due to poor installation, it may impose a load greater than the allowable load on the shaft, or cause the phenomenon of core shifting. Therefore, special attention should be paid.

The service life of the bearing is related to the service conditions and is particularly affected by the bearing load. If the bearing load is smaller than the specified load, the bearing life can be greatly extended.

Do not disassemble the rotary encoder, which will damage the oil and drip proof performance. The drip proof products should not be immersed in water and oil for a long time, and should be wiped clean when there is water and oil on the surface. Vibration

The vibration on the rotary encoder is often the cause of the false pulse. Therefore, attention should be paid to the installation site. The more pulses per revolution, the narrower the slot spacing of the rotating slot disc, and the more vulnerable to vibration. When rotating or stopping at low speed, the vibration imposed on the shaft or body makes the rotating groove disc shake, which may cause false pulse. Close the wiring and connection

Wrong wiring may damage the internal circuit, so full attention shall be paid to wiring.

Wiring shall be carried out in the OFF state of power supply. When the power supply is turned on, if the output line contacts the power supply, it will sometimes damage the same output circuit. If the wiring is wrong, the internal circuit may be damaged sometimes, so pay full attention to the polarity of the power supply when wiring.

If it is wired in parallel with the high-voltage line and power line, it will sometimes be induced to cause misoperation and damage, so as to separate it from other wiring.

When extending the wire, it shall be less than 10m. According to the distribution capacity of the trunk line, the rise and fall time of the waveform will be longer. If there is a problem, Schmidt circuit will be used to shape the waveform.

In order to avoid induced noise, * short distance wiring shall be used as far as possible. Special attention shall be paid to the input to the integrated circuit.

When the wire is extended, due to the influence of conductor resistance and capacitance between lines, the rise and fall time of waveform is prolonged, which is easy to cause interference (crosstalk) between signals. Therefore, wires with low resistance and capacitance between lines (twisted pair, shielded wire) should be used.

For HTL encoder with symmetrical negative signal output, the signal transmission distance can reach 300 meters.



Scope of application

Machine tool

Container spreader wind equipment

Automatic cleaning equipment gate outdoor use steel plant


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