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SGMPH-01BBA21 Yaskawa Servo Unit Model Servo 5.4A Little Motor

SGMPH-01BBA21 Yaskawa Servo Unit Model Servo 5.4A Little Motor

SGMPH-01BBA21 Yaskawa Servo Unit Model Servo 5.4A Little Motor
SGMPH-01BBA21 Yaskawa Servo Unit Model Servo 5.4A Little Motor SGMPH-01BBA21 Yaskawa Servo Unit Model Servo 5.4A Little Motor SGMPH-01BBA21 Yaskawa Servo Unit Model Servo 5.4A Little Motor

Large Image :  SGMPH-01BBA21 Yaskawa Servo Unit Model Servo 5.4A Little Motor Get Best Price

Product Details:

Place of Origin: Japan
Brand Name: Yasakawa
Certification: CE
Model Number: SGMPH-01BBA21

Payment & Shipping Terms:

Minimum Order Quantity: 1 pc
Price: Contact us
Packaging Details: New in original box
Delivery Time: 2-3 work days
Payment Terms: T/T, , L/C
Supply Ability: 88
Detailed Product Description
Package: Original Package Color: Black/Red/White/Grey
Quality: New And Original Type: Servo Unit Model

Brand: Yaskawa Model: SGMPH-01BBA21
Place Of Origin: Japan Series: Sigma 2 (Σ-II Series)
Weight: 5KG Color: Black
High Light:

ac servo motor


electric servo motor



NEW ORIGINAL 5.4A 750W Servo Motor Industrial Yaskawa Servo Motor SGMPH-01BBA21






Current: 0.89A
Volatge: 200V
Power :100W
Rated Torque: 0.318-m
Max speed: 3000rpm
Encoder: 17bit Absolute encoder
Load Inertia JL kg¡m2¢ 10−4: 0.026
Shaft: straight without key






Manufacturer Yaskawa / MagneTek / Saftronics / Omron
Series Sigma 2 (Σ-II Series)
Weight 10KG





  • After turning the power OFF, do not touch the power terminals for 5 minutes. High voltage may remain in the Servopack.


  • Avoid frequently turning the power ON and OFF. Since the Servopack has a capacitor in the power supply, a high charging current flows (for 0.2 second) when the power is turned ON. Therefore, frequently turning the power ON and OFF causes the main power devices (such as capacitors and fuses) to deteriorate, resulting in unexpected problems.


  • If the Servopack is turned ON immediately after being turned OFF, a power loss alarm may arise. To prevent this, always wait for the time shown in the following table before turning the power ON again:


This sub-section provides typical examples of connecting to main host controllers. Connection to other host controllers is also possible. Connect to the host controller according to the connection examples shown below by referring to technical documentation for the host controller.





This sub-section describes signals related to the SGDA Servopack only.


For other signals, refer to the relevant technical documentation. 2) Example of Connecting to PROGIC-8



Test Run in Two Steps


Conduct the test run when wiring is complete. Generally, conducting a test run for servo drives can be difficult , by following the two steps described below, the test run can be performed safely and correctly.



Check that the motor is wired correctly. If the motor fails to rotate properly during a servo drive test run, the cause most frequently lies in incorrect wiring. Conduct a test run for the motor without load according to the procedure described below. For customers who use a servomotor with brake, refer to Section 2.4.4 Supplemental Information on Test Run before starting a test run.



When a host controller such as a programmable controller performs position control, it may be difficult to directly input the speed reference voltage. In this case, constant voltage reference should be input once to ensure correct operation.














NEW ORIGINAL 5.4A 750W Servo Motor Industrial Yaskawa Servo Motor SGMPH-01BBA21 0



NEW ORIGINAL 5.4A 750W Servo Motor Industrial Yaskawa Servo Motor SGMPH-01BBA21 1


NEW ORIGINAL 5.4A 750W Servo Motor Industrial Yaskawa Servo Motor SGMPH-01BBA21 2



• Conduct trial operation on the servomotor alone with the motor shaft disconnected from the machine to avoid any unexpected accidents. If it is unavoidable to perform trial operation while connected to a machine, then always make sure that an emergency stop can be immediately executed.
• Conduct trial operations on the servomotor alone, with the motor shaft disconnected from the machine to avoid accidents. Failure to observe this caution may result in injury.
Servomotors with Brakes When performing trial operation using a servomotor with a brake, use a brake interlock signal as shown below.
A brake control relay can be installed on either the AC or DC side. To reduce brake activating time, install it on the DC side. Be sure to check the brake activating time before using it. When opening/closing the brake power supply circuit relay on the DC side, be sure to provide surge protectors both near the brake coil and built in the brake power supply circuit to protect the brake coil from damage due to surge voltage.



High performance and best use servo unit (best use). Maximum applicable motor capacity: 0.1kw power supply voltage: = phase ac200v,


Interface: mechatrolink-ii communication command type (for rotary servo motor) Shanghai Yaskawa motor. Design sequence: B.


Hardware specification: painting treatment.


Function: pressure feedback control function. Best use type Σ- V-ft series


According to different purposes, there are five sgmph-01bba21 with convenient functions


Ft001 (upgraded specification of vibration suppression function): through the enhanced vibration suppression function, the positioning time is shortened. Ft003 (pressure feedback function): promote the high performance of the device through high-precision pressure control.


Ft005 (supporting the use of rotating workbench): it has the function of rotating coordinates and fixed-point output, and can smoothly and accurately control the rotating workbench.


Ft006 (fixed point through output function): you can set the fixed point through output (trigger) Shanghai Anchuan motor without passing through the upper device.


Ft008 (supporting the use of absolute value system): the absolute value system can be built through any upper controller. Servo motor sgmph type (speed: 3000r/min). Power: 0.4KW


Power supply voltage: single phase ac200v. Serial encoder: 16 bit relative value. Design sequence: Waterproof standard IP67. Shaft end: straight shaft with key. Option: with oil seal.


Pianping series: sgmph-01bba21 flexibly adapts to the user's system when the same service motor needs to be installed in a narrow space,


In order to build the best system and support your products with a full range of products, your products include single-phase 100V, single-phase 200V, three-phase 200V,


And there are various motors with dry absolute value code disc, brake and reducer. Furthermore, because it conforms to international standards, it can be safely used all over the world. Smooth operation, with polar season speed observation and control,


The speed fluctuation of the motor is greatly reduced, and sgmph-01bba21 can also operate smoothly at low speed. Large capacity SGMW servo motor. Rated output: 30kW. Voltage: three-phase AC400V.


Serial encoder: 20 bit incremental type. Rated speed: 1500rimin


Main mechanical structure: flange mounted, straight shaft end (with keyway and screw hole) sgmph-01bba21 option: with holding brake (DC24V).


The use of small, low inertia motors can also give full play to the strong performance of the machine.


The SGM model of the new model is equipped with products with rated output of 22~55kw, rated passenger speed of 800r/min and 1500rimin. After installing the motor, the phase starts to operate immediately.


Even without servo adjustment, as long as the moment of inertia is within the allowable range,


Even if the load changes, it can be driven stably without vibration. Sgmcs small capacity rated torque of direct drive servo motor: 4.0n · M


Outer diameter dimension of servo motor: 135mm.


Serial encoder: 20 bit absolute value type (absolute value type within 1 turn) (standard). Design sequence: models with outer diameter dimension marks of servo motor as B, C and D. Flange specification: C face, reverse load side. Optional specification: without optional.


Directly driving the load without reducer can realize strong and smooth operation from low speed to high speed


(instantaneous maximum torque: 6~600n · m, maximum speed: 250~500r/min). Using 20 bit high-resolution encoder, high-precision indexing can be carried out. It adopts hollow structure, which is convenient for wiring and piping.


Example of use:


Semiconductor manufacturing equipment.


LCD circuit board manufacturing equipment. Various inspection and test equipment. Electronic parts packaging machine. IC information processor. IC inspection equipment.


All kinds of automatic machinery. robot.


Small capacity rating and specification: rated time: continuous. Vibration level: V15.


Insulation resistance: DC500v, above 10m Ω.


Ambient temperature for use: 0~~40 ° csgmph-01bba21 price. Excitation mode: permanent magnet type. Installation method: flange type, heat resistance grade: a


Insulation and withstand voltage: ac111500v1 min Shanghai Yaskawa motor.


Protection mode: totally enclosed self cooling ip42 (except for the clearance of the rotating part of the output shaft). Operating environment humidity: 20~80% (no condensation). Connection method: direct connection.


Rotation direction: CCW rotation when viewed from the load side under the forward rotation command.






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