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SGMGH-55ACA21 Yaskawa 5500w No Brake Oil Seal AC Servo Motor

SGMGH-55ACA21 Yaskawa 5500w No Brake Oil Seal AC Servo Motor

SGMGH-55ACA21 Yaskawa 5500w No Brake Oil Seal AC Servo Motor
SGMGH-55ACA21 Yaskawa 5500w No Brake Oil Seal AC Servo Motor SGMGH-55ACA21 Yaskawa 5500w No Brake Oil Seal AC Servo Motor SGMGH-55ACA21 Yaskawa 5500w No Brake Oil Seal AC Servo Motor SGMGH-55ACA21 Yaskawa 5500w No Brake Oil Seal AC Servo Motor

Large Image :  SGMGH-55ACA21 Yaskawa 5500w No Brake Oil Seal AC Servo Motor Get Best Price

Product Details:

Place of Origin: Japan
Brand Name: Yaskawa
Certification: ce
Model Number: SGMGH-55ACA21

Payment & Shipping Terms:

Minimum Order Quantity: 1 pc
Price: negotiable
Packaging Details: New in original box
Delivery Time: 2-3 work days
Payment Terms: T/T, L/C
Supply Ability: 88
Detailed Product Description
Package: Original Package Color: Black/Red/White/Grey
Quality: New And Original Type: No Brake Oil Seal Ac Servo Motor

Brand: Yaskawa Mdoel: SGMGH-55ACA21
Place Of Origin: Japan Power: 5500W
Curent: 42.1A Voltage: 200V
Ins: F
High Light:

ewing machine servo motor


electric servo motor



Industrial Servo Motor Yaskawa 18.6N.m 200V AC Servo Motor SGMGH-55ACA21



  1. Power : 5500W
  2. Voltage:200V
  3. Rated Current : 42.1A




  • AC Servo Motor
  • SGMAV Sigma-5





Brand Name Yaskawa
Model Number Industrial Servo Motor Yaskawa 5.39N.m 200V AC Servo Motor SGMGH-55ACA21
Place of Origin Japan
Current 42.1A
Voltage 200V
Speed 1500/min
Power 5500W
Ins F
N.m 35





* Are external motor disconnects required between the motor and the VFD? Service disconnects at motor loads are very often used for maintenance purposes. Normally, removing a load from a VFD while operating does not pose a problem for the VFD. On the other hand, introducing a load to a VFD by closing a motor disconnect while the VFD is operational can be fatal to the VFD.

When a motor is Started at full voltage, as would happen in this case, high currents are generated, usually about six times the full load amps of the motor current. The VFD would see these high currents as being well beyond its capabilities and would go into a protective trip or fail altogether. A simple solution for this condition is to interlock the VFD run permissive circuit with the service disconnects via an auxiliary contact at the service disconnect. When the disconnect is closed, a permissive run signal restarts the VFD at low voltage and frequency.

* Are there power factor correction capacitors being switched or existing on the intended motor loads? Switching of power factor capacitors usually generates power disturbances in the distribution system. Many VFDs can and will be affected by this. Isolation transformers or line reactors may be required for these applications.
Industrial Servo Motor Yaskawa 35N.m 42.1A 200V AC Servo Motor SGMGH-55ACA21 0

Power factor correction at VFD-powered motor loads is not necessary as the VFD itself does this by using DC internally and then inverting it into an AC output to the motor. All VFD manufacturers warn against installing capacitors at the VFD output.

Variable Frequency Drive Technologies
Three basic types of variable frequency drives offer certain advantages as well as disadvantages
depending on your motor application. The new flux vector drive is also discussed.

While all variable frequency drives (VFDs) control the speed of an AC induction motor by varying the motor's supplied voltage and frequency of power, they all do not use the same designs in doing so. There are three major VFD designs commonly used today: pulse width modulation (PWM), current source inverter





Installing the Servomotor


Servomotor SGM and SGMP types can be installed either horizontally or vertically. However, if the Servomotor is installed incorrectly or in an inappropriate location, the service life will be shortened or unexpected problems will occur. To prevent this, always observe the installation instructions described below.



Before installation:


Anticorrosive paint is coated on the edge of the motor shaft. Clean off the anticorrosive paint thoroughly using a cloth moistened with thinner.


Industrial Servo Motor Yaskawa 35N.m 42.1A 200V AC Servo Motor SGMGH-55ACA21 1




Avoid getting thinner on other parts of the Servomotor when cleaning the shaft.






When the Servomotor is to be stored with the power cable disconnected, store it in the following temperature range:


Between −20°C and 60°C



Installation sites:


The Servomotor SGM and SGMP types are designed for indoor use.


Install Servomotor in an environment which meets the following conditions:

  1. Free from corrosive and explosive gases
  2. Well-ventilated and free from dust and moisture
  3. Ambient temperature of 0 to 40°C
  4. Relative humidity of 20% to 80% (non-condensing)
  5. Inspection and cleaning can be performed easily

If the Servomotor is used in a location subject to water or oil mist, install a shield cover over the Servomotor.








Brand: Yaskawa

Product Name:Servo motor

Model: sgmgh-55aca21 servo motor sgmgh type. Rated speed: 1500r/min. Power: 5.5kW.

Power supply voltage: three-phase ac200v serial encoder: 17 bit relative value. Design sequence: a. Shaft end: straight shaft without key.

Option: no brake oil seal.

High speed feed series: occasions where high-speed operation is required without load. The power supply of the main circuit and the control circuit are completely separated. When giving an alarm, only the power supply of the main circuit can be turned off, which is easy to maintain. Built in parameter setter.

Parameters can be directly input by the servo driver body. Save wiring

Serial encoder is adopted, and the number of encoder wiring is reduced by 1/2 compared with the original product

Multi in one control: torque, position and speed control can be used instead of parameter switching. Other performance descriptions of Yaskawa sgmgh-55aca21:

Large capacity sgmvv servo motor. Rated output: 45KW. Voltage: three phase AC400V

Serial encoder: 20 bit absolute value type. Rated speed: 1500r/min

Main mechanical structure: flange mounting type: straight shaft end (with keyway and screw hole) Yaskawa sgmgh-55aca21 options: with holding brake (DC24V), with oil seal,

The use of small, low inertia servo motor can also give full play to the mechanical strength. Sgmgh-55aca21 new model sgmvv is equipped with products with rated output of 22~55kw, rated passenger speed of 800r/min and 1500r/min. The phase starts running immediately after the motor is installed.

Even without servo adjustment, as long as the moment of inertia is within the allowable range,

Even if the load changes, it can be driven stably without vibration Yaskawa sgmgh-55aca21. Equipped with DeviceNet communication functional servo unit (servo control power driven) (Kit Model), the maximum applicable motor capacity is 0.2KW. Power supply voltage: three-phase ac200v.

Interface: Command optional installation type (for rotary servo motor). Optional (hardware): base mounted (standard). Optional (software): standard. Optional (parameter): standard.

Optional module: DeviceNet module (servo control power drive type) Yaskawa sgmgh-55aca21. According to the communication specification of DeviceNet, an open field network.

Using the combination of one bit controller equipped with DeviceNet and V can simply implement motion control. You can take advantage of the rich DeviceNet support software available on the market. The upper controller can be used to manage the servo information of Yaskawa servo motor.

Monitor the health status and alarm information of the drive of the same server from a controller through the network.

The upper controller is used to manage the servo information, so as to improve the Maintainability (shorten the debugging time and improve the efficiency of maintenance). Save wiring, reduce cost and improve reliability,

Because the upper controller and the same server unit are connected through the communication network, the wiring is greatly saved. Built in rich positioning functions. The Yaskawa servo motor can simply perform various positioning actions from the upper controller (PLC or computer).

It is equipped with rich positioning functions such as simple positioning, origin reset, continuous rotation action, positioning of continuous rotation action, program operation, etc. Σ -v series servo unit sgdv type.

Maximum applicable motor capacity: 0.4KW.

Power supply voltage: three-phase ac200v Yaskawa servo motor. Design sequence: type A.

Interface: mechatrolink- Ⅱ communication command type (for rotary servo motor). Optional (hardware): paint treatment. Realize real-time communication.

With the maximum transmission speed of 10Mbps and the settable communication cycle of 250us~4ms, the high-speed control of up to 30 stations is realized. Through the high-speed communication speed, various control information can be sent and received in real time. High energy efficiency.

Up to 30 stations can be connected by communication lines, which can greatly reduce the cost and time of wiring sgmgh-55aca21 Only one command connector is needed for the upper controller,

And there is no need to use dia converter for speed / torque command or pulse generator for bit command Yaskawa sgmgh-55aca21 High precision motion control is realized.

In addition to torque, position and speed control, it can also realize synchronous phase control with high accuracy requirements. The control mode can be switched on-line by the stem, so the complex mechanical action can be realized more effectively and smoothly.


Industrial Servo Motor Yaskawa 35N.m 42.1A 200V AC Servo Motor SGMGH-55ACA21 7


Industrial Servo Motor Yaskawa 35N.m 42.1A 200V AC Servo Motor SGMGH-55ACA21 8




Industrial Servo Motor Yaskawa 35N.m 42.1A 200V AC Servo Motor SGMGH-55ACA21 9










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